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I must be invisible
People can walk right by without casting me a glance
No one invites me to any of their events
I am not spared a single thought
I must be invisible
I give all of myself until there is nothing left
No one notices how much I hurt
Will they notice if I'm truly gone?
I must be invisible
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How do you explain to someone how you are feeling without revealing the inner most parts of your soul? Without leaving yourself open to judgement and ridicule? There is so much going on in my head, in my heart and all of it a way for someone to hurt me. Why do I continue to dream the most impossible dream? And how could someone like him want someone like me? What do I have going for me that could interest anyone? Perhaps it is my mother's fault for giving me hope in the first place. Or maybe I can blame the movies for making love seem like an attainable thing. Sometimes it feels like I'd be better off if I hid away from the world where I could cause no more harm to others. How can I bring joy when I feel like I'm dying inside? I'm an idiot, a loser, a freak, a no one. I am nothing and I just don't know how to go on anymore.
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The door slams shut
I'm alone in the dark once more
You have left me again
How long have I been chained here?
I do not remember what the sun feels like nor the cool breeze
I no longer know the smell of flowers or the sound of a babbling brook
I know only this darkness
When will you let me go?
The now rusty chains have begun to chafe my wrist
Let me out of this pit of despair that has been my prison
This prison that you sent me to for a reason I do not know
Please let me go
I thought you said you loved me
:iconbunnymoon:BunnyMoon 1 0
Sorrow that wraps around you and squeezes until there is nothing else. There is no one.
I'm drowning in this feeling. I try to pull away but it's grip is so strong.
I'm so alone. The walls are closing in. I scream "Please save me!" but there is no one.
The silence is deafening. Is there anyone there? Please save me.
Sorrow. Sorrow has become my only friend. There is no one.
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Just Me by BunnyMoon Just Me :iconbunnymoon:BunnyMoon 0 0 I've Found My Prince by BunnyMoon I've Found My Prince :iconbunnymoon:BunnyMoon 0 0
The Forgotten One
I stand still as the world rushes around me
Fading into the background, a mere shadow
They move ahead, leaving me alone
I've been forgotten
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My Prison
Escaping into my world of fantasy, safely tucked away from the world outside.
Surrounded by the beings of my own creation; there is no one to hurt me.
I am completely safe in my dreams; my personally made prison of dreams.
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Ignore the flashes and the screams
Ignore the rumors and the lies
You are not what they say you are
You are only you and you are truly wonderful
Never lose yourself in the hype
Never believe what's written
Only you can decide on what you want to do and who you want to be
Always be real
Never crumble to the pressure
Be true to yourself for you are beautiful, inside and out
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I hate this feeling that completely encompasses my heart. It's worse than drowning; worse than the feel of steel against my skin. It is more painful than burning, hurts more than a thousand broken bones.
But it's also the best feeling, the happiest feeling. Better than the smell of fresh cut flowers; of homemade chocolate cookies. It is comforting as a tight hug, tender as a first kiss.
Why must I feel so much when I look at you? Why does it have to be love?
:iconbunnymoon:BunnyMoon 2 3
I do not know you, but I miss you horribly.
We have never met, but I want nothing more than to protect you.
I have never felt your touch, but I know I would be safe in your arms.
I am drawn to you, though there is no reason to be.
These feelings is strange and foreign.
Please, come find me...
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Hello everyone. So, in the past year, I've become a fan of My Little Pony and recently I started a blog. So... please everyone read it and give me your thoughts. Thanks. reluctantpegasister.blogspot.c…


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